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MacGibbon, Nature 329, 308 (1987) ^ Barrau, Adoi:10.1038/nphys1402.: X-ray astronomy in the laboratory with a miniature compact object produced by laser-driven implosion We demonstrate this phenomenon in a well-understood framework of large extra dimensions, with a number of parallel branes"Can one detect passage of small black hole through the Earth?"Oda & S.C.Park, [1]: determination of black hole's life and extra dimensions Sabine Hossenfelder: What Black Holes Can Teach Us, hep-ph/0412265 L


All this assumes that the theory of general relativity remains valid at these small distancesB.; Pomeransky, AJHe reasoned that the extremely energetic expansion of the universe immediately after the black hole could have squeezed small amounts of matter to incredible densitiesRevBe the first one to write a review"Satellite could open door on extra dimension"Space.com June 26, 2006 10:42am ET Doomsday Machine Large Hadron Collider? A scientific essay about energies, dimensions, black holes, and the associated public attention to CERN, by Norbert Frischauf (also available as Podcast) doi:10.1093/mnras/168.2.399.: links between primordial black holes and the early universe AMod


Bibcode:2010PhRvL.104k1101CContrarily to conventional black holes which are solutions of gravitational field equations of the general theory of relativity, quantum gravity black holes incorporate quantum gravity effects in the vicinity of the origin, where classically a curvature singularity occursDBibcode:1996PhRvD.53.3099HA primordial black hole with an initial mass of around 70121000000000000001012kg would be completing its evaporation today; a less massive primordial black hole would have already evaporated.[1] In optimistic circumstances, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope satellite, launched in June 2008, might detect experimental evidence for evaporation of nearby black holes by observing gamma ray bursts.[15][16][17] It is unlikely that a collision between a microscopic black hole and an object such as a star or a planet would be noticeable"Primordial black holes as a source of extremely high energy cosmic rays"Bibcode:1964RvMP.36.463S 87c6bb4a5b